NFC East Draft Preview

Coming into the 2012 NFL draft, everyone in the NFC East has a 1st round pick. Every one of these teams has positions they need to fill, so it will be interesting to see who is drafted by these teams come the 1st round of the draft. Here is your Draft Preview for all of the NFC East teams.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have some minor needs coming into the draft this year.


  1. Guard-The Cowboys desperately need a guard now that they have moved on from Kyle Kosier. Expect them to use an early pick on one.
  2. Safety/Cornerback-The Cowboys need a safety to lead this secondary. They have a good Cornerback in Brandon Carr, but beyond him they have very little. This should be a position the Cowboys use an early draft pick on.

Philadelphia Eagles

If the Eagles have a good draft it would definitely help them now.


  1. Defensive Tackle-The Eagles were terrible at stopping the run last year. They need a defensive tackle to anchor the defensive line. Expect them to draft someone at this position early.
  2. Outside Linebacker-The Eagles have 1 good linebacker on their roster, his name being DeMeco Ryans. The Eagles need another linebacker, and especially need someone at Outside Linebacker. Expect them to use one of their 1st 2 picks on a Linebacker.

New York Giants

The Giants do not have any major holes to fill at the draft.


  1. Linebacker-The Giants need a leader to their defense. They do not have a above-average linebacker on their roster. Look for them to target that position early in the draft.
  2. Running Back-The Giants have Ahmad Bradshaw, but he is injury prone. They could use a Running back as insurance in case Bradshaw suffers yet another injury.
  3. Tight End-The Giants don’t necessarily need a Tight End, but getting a legitimate one would certainly boost their offense.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins made the biggest draft-related acquisition this year, when they got the 2nd overall pick in the draft this year. It cost them a lot of picks, but they now can get their franchise QB.


  1. Quarterback-The Redskins need a quarterback to lead them for the next decade. Since the Colts are now officially drafting Andrew Luck, the Redskins will be getting Robert Griffin III with their 1st round pick in the draft.
  2. Offensive Guard/Center-The Redskins do not have a reliable center on their roster. WillMontgomerystarted 14 games there last season, but he did not do as well as the Redskins need to have from the anchor of their offensive line. The Redskins need a lot of help at the Guard positions as well.
  3. Safety/Cornerback-The Redskins almost completely remade their secondary this offseason. They could use some depth at the Cornerback position. At safety, Brandon Meriwether is a major question mark. It would be a good idea to have a backup plan if he does not work out.

Written by – David Kusnitz – NFC East Writer

For more NFL off-season coverage stay tuned to Before The Kickoff



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