Do the Dolphins NEED to draft a TE?

The Miami Dolphins have came straight out of the gate announcing their contentment under the tight end posistion. They have the correct outlook on the matter as well in my opinion. Here are the reasons why Miami does not NEED to draft a tight end for the 2012 season:

Anthony Fasano: He is one of the most underrated tight ends in the NFL by a longshot. has him rated as the league’s 8th most productive TE. Fasano is one of the best pass/run blockers you can get out of a TE, and has incredible hands on the long ball. He is one of the league’s most efficient red zone targets, and last season caught 32 passes for 451 yards. Remember that “beast”, that all star receiver Miami let go in Brandon Marshall? Well, he led the league in dropped passes, as well as dropping open TD passes in the double digits.  Now how many drops did Anthony Fasano have last season? One. The man had one drop throughout the whole season on 32 receptions. The problem is, he just simply is not utilized enough, however, next year you will see that change after the installment of new head coach Joe Philbin’s offensive system and philosophy.

Charles Clay: Entering his 2nd NFL season as a 6th round pick last season, he played more fullback then tight end in 2011. However, he caught 16 passes for 233 yards last season, along with three touchdowns. That means 19% of the time he had the ball in his hands, he found the end zone. Last year Clay played 310 snaps at tight end. His 14.6 yards per reception average is fourth highest among tight ends with 10 or more catches in 2011. The Dolphins’ brass believes that when Clay’s snap count doubles (with experience, and more understanding of the position) his production should double. Therefore, the Dolphins expect he’ll catch around 30-40 passes for 450-550 yards and score about six touchdowns. Add that into a season of Anthony Fasano’s usual production, and we may see a record setting season by the TE duo.

When it all boils down, the tight end posistion is a luxury to the quarterback. The WRs are going to be targeted the most, but a duo of young, blossoming, extremely productive TEs who are efficient receivers as well as major red zone targets, can lead to a completely transformed offense and make noise all around the league, giving offensive coordinators a nightmare to gameplan against.

Written By – Jack Knighton- AFC East Writer

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2 thoughts on “Do the Dolphins NEED to draft a TE?

  1. Good post! I believe there are more important “holes to fill” than the TE position; Fasano is doing a helluva job (I had him in most of my fantasy leagues) and Clay would be a nice backup to Fasano. Dolphins need to work on other parts and leave the TEs alone.

    • I agree, and thanks for the comment. If anything we need a DE and WR far more than another TE. I would leave it be as it is, I think they will beast as a duo next season if they’re targeted a fair amount.


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