Will Tannehill be available for Miami at #8?

The Miami Dolphins search for a franchise QB has been no secret throughout the offseason. After failures of working out a contract with Peyton Manning, Matt Flynn, and Alex Smith, they will have to end up searching the draft for their man if they are looking to do so before the upcoming season. Ryan Tannehill was projected as a mid 2nd rounder just a few months ago, but now there is talk of teams such as the Eagles trading up to the Brown’s 4th pick to snag Tannehill.

The question is, if Miami does indeed have Tannehill written on their blueprint for success, will he be available at their 8th overall pick? It’d be absolute ludacris to trade up and waste picks for an unproven player such as Tannehill. His stats at the collegiate level are not star studded material, there will be other QBs available next year if the Eagles are in such a hurry for a young gun to replace Vick in the next few years behind center. So if Miami does have Tannehill on their plans, he will be there at the 8th spot if they truely want to snag him.

Written By – Jack Knighton- AFC East Writer

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