Philbin: “Bush can be used as a Receiver.”

Speaking in a conference call with season-ticket holders Tuesday, new Dolphins coach Joe Philbin hinted he’ll expand Reggie Bush’s role in the passing game.

“We’re not just going to hand the ball to him,” said Philbin, indicating that Bush will see time at receiver. Bush’s career-high 216 carries last season came at the expense of his pass-catching role, as his 2.9 receptions per game were by far the fewest of his career. Although he more than doubled his career high in rushing yards with over 1,000 in 2011, he also led the entire league in the yards per carry stat, averaging an extremely impressive 5 YPC. Increased use in the passing game would likely only turn the tables, however, as it would mean fewer carries, particularly if Daniel Thomas bounces back from a rough rookie year.

Miami traded up in the draft last season to snag rookie RB Daniel Thomas out of Kansas State. He started off ideal in the beginning of the season with multiple 100 yard rushing games, but shortly after fell to an injury. He sat out a few weeks, and never returned as the same healthy back he was prior. If Thomas is healthy come this upcoming season, you will see Miami primarily pounding Thomas up the middle, and utilizing Reggie Bush as a receiver. If this scenario pans out, the Dolphins’ offense can definitely make some noise. Reggie Bush has proven to be one of the most lethal players once left out in open space, and he will play a primary role as a back and at the receiver posistion in 2012.

Written By – Jack Knighton- AFC East Writer

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