Should the Rams trade up in the draft?

After completing a blockbuster trade with Washington which saw the Rams get three first-round draft picks and a second-round pick, should the Rams trade up with Cleveland to get the fourth overall pick in the NFL Draft? Yes, after missing out on Robert Griffin III there is a good chance that the Browns draft Ryan Tannehill, the third best quarterback in the draft. It would make sense for the Browns to trade down to the number six spot to draft Tannehill, who would still be available, plus they could acquire an extra pick or two from St. Louis.

It’s most likely that the three players the Rams have shown the most interest in, Justin Blackmon, Morris Claiborne and Matt Kalil will be taken by pick six. Kalil could be heading to Minnesota to help protect young quarterback Christian Ponder, if the Browns don’t draft Ryan Tannehill with pick four, drafting Justin Blackmon to give Colt McCoy a serious target would be the right choice and the Bucs need to bolster their defense by taking Morris Claiborne with the fifth pick. Running back Trent Richardson could still be on the draft board, but with Steven Jackson coming off another solid season, that’s the last position they should be worried about.

It’s a win-win situation for both St. Louis and Cleveland, the Rams get a stud receiver in Justin Blackmon and the Browns draft promising quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and might even get another pick later on in the draft. Cleveland has said that McCoy is the starting quarterback going into next season, but their are reports saying that the Browns could draft Tannehill as low as the fourth pick, which many people tend to think would be a mistake. Is Tannehill worth a top 5 pick?

Written By – Tom Mullins- News Updates and NFC West Writer

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3 thoughts on “Should the Rams trade up in the draft?

  1. Great article! It would be a great move if the Rams and the Browns made that draft transaction. I know what last year’s record says, but without the injuries, the Rams are a good team. If they work it where they can get Blackmon, they will be a team to be reckoned with.

  2. Rams sit perfect at #6. CB Claiborne or WR Blackmon is going to fill a gaping need. Thanks for your thoughts. Please check out my blog as well.


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