Tannehill Impressive at Pro Day

After Tannehill’s pro day on the 29th of March, NFL draft analysts are more convinced that Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill IS worth a top 10 pick overall after a period of uncertainty.  He impressed everyone at his pro day with his incredible footwork and passing abilities completing all but one of his passes, but maybe even more impressive was the 4.62 he ran. The two most notabale team personell in attendance was that of the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns. Both teams are high favorites for Tannehill’s landing spot, with Cleveland at the 4th overall pick and Miami with the 8th, experts have questioned if the Browns will take Tannehill fourth overall and leave Miami in the dark again. It’s even a possibility that Minnesota trades down with a team so another franchise has a shot at snagging Tannehill, if this happened, that would mean the first three overall picks would all consist of quarterbacks.

NFL draft expert Mike Mayock is even convinced that the Browns should pull the trigger on Tannehill with their 4th overall pick. This can be a very risky gamble, but the Browns also accumulated the 22nd overall pick from the Atlanta Falcons. It will most likely either go down with the Cleveland Browns landing Tannehill at their 4th pick, or the Dolphins with their 8th. Miami may be the frontrunners as Cleveland has publicly expressed their plans to keep Colt McCoy as their starter for the upcoming season.

Written By – Jack Knighton- AFC East Writer

For more NFL off-season coverage stay tuned to Before The Kickoff.



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