Sanchez “Excited” About Tebow Signing

The New York Jets’ starting quarterback (as of now) Mark Sanchez has publicly stated his lack of intimidation of the Tebow signing, and has actually expressed excitement about pairing up with him. Now before I give my opinion on this, here is a bit of what he had to say after Tebow’s press conference:  “We’re adding another player and we’re not replacing anybody,”  “I mean, he’s here to help us and I’m confident in my abilities. I know the team feels the same way about me. They have belief in me. I’m not worried about losing my spot” Sanchez said.

I’d beg to differ with Mr. Sanchez. Don’t you think the amount of attention this BACK UP (Tebow) quarterback has brought upon himself bothers Sanchez? He landed over 200 reporters at his press conference. Where was the love for Sanchez? He has had a less than desirable career so far (Sanchez), and has rarely ever shown flashes or signs of a transformation into a quality, franchise quarterback. I have no idea what Rex Ryan sees in this kid, just look at his stats and you’ll see what I mean. We can also say with confidence that he is not a favorite within the Jets’ fan base, and he knows his job is on the line with Tebow coming to town, especially after the recent poll released earlier today. The NFL Network released a public poll that threw Sanchez and Tebow into the ring, and gave the fans the option of who THEY thought should be the NYJ’s starter, which caused even greater tension for the QB competition over in New York. Tim Tebow won by a landslide of 70% and/or higher, to Sanchez’s 20%. Now we can safely say that a massive amount of Jet fans participated in that poll. Does Sanchez still feel comfortable with his job? Don’t think so. Once Sanchez repeats his mistakes that he has proven to us all that he will make, Metlife Stadium is going to be roaring with chants in favor of Tebow to dethrone Sanchez of his prestigious starting position.

Written By – Jack Knighton- AFC East Writer

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One thought on “Sanchez “Excited” About Tebow Signing

  1. You know Sanchez is not happy Tebow is his backup…he’s just playing the “Good QB” in the media. As soon as he’s not producing on the field in the first game, the “TEBOW” chants will be ringing out in the stadium. It was bad in Denver, can you imagine how it’s going to be in New York? I hope Sanchez develop a tougher skin when it comes with dealing with the media…he’s going to need it.


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