NFL Draft Interview- Jamell Fleming

Jamell Fleming played for the Oklahoma Sooners for four years and is now projected to be drafted into the NFL. Please enjoy the quick interview with Jamell and leave a comment below.

Tom Mullins- How are you preparing yourself for the upcoming NFL Draft?

Jamell Fleming- Training twice a day in Austin working on everything from DB drills to interviewing.

Tom Mullins- How did you get into football and who introduced you to the sport?

Jamell Fleming- My dad is a football coach and he introduced me to the sport when I was younger.

Tom Mullins- Tell us about your time playing for the Oklahoma Sooners.

Jamell Fleming- I had red shirt my Freshman year. I was also the leading tackler in special teams in 2008. My last two years (junior and senior) I started and was defensive MVP of the Fiesta Bowl and Insight Bowl.

Tom Mullins- Obviously you’re still a very young player and you’re going to keep getting better, but is there a certain part of your game that you are focused on improving?

Jamell Fleming- Technique is the only thing I would like to improve the most.

Tom Mullins- Which NFL cornerbacks impress you the most and why?

Jamell Fleming- Darrelle Revis because he has great technique and fundamentals.

Tom Mullins What can we expect from you if you get drafted into the NFL?

Jamell Fleming- You can expect a person that will be a rising star in the NFL

Thanks Jamell for giving up your time to answer a few questions and good luck in the upcoming NFL Draft!



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