Jacksonville Jaguars: Addressing the 2012 Off-Season

The 2011 Jacksonville Jaguars never got off to the right tempo on offense. And when it was all said and done the Jacksonville Jaguars held a 5-11 record, the leagues worst passing offense and the 7th overall pick in this upcoming draft. Anyone could have seen this coming. The Jaguars have arguably the worst wide receiving core in the league, and they had rookie Blaine Gabbert taking the snaps.

In the 2012 off-season, the Jaguars need to address:

1) Wide Receivers- Jacksonville MUST enter free agency with their sites set on a handful of free agents at the wide receiver position. The receivers that they currently have are not good and they could defiantly use an upgrade. Not only can they address this issue in free agency, and even if they do, I believe it would be smart to draft an additional wide receiver within the first three round of this upcoming draft. Everything looked good in Jacksonville except the passing game, so why not start there?

2) Re-signing free agents – Out of the seven unrestricted free agents that the Jaguars have, the top three names on the list would be: Matt Roth / defensive end, Rasheen Mathis / cornerback, and Josh Scobee / kicker. Out of these three names I can see the Jaguars trying to resign both Rasheen Mathis and Josh Scobee.

3) Who to draft?- Although I have mentioned drafting a wide receiver within the first three rounds, I could see the Jaguars addressing the defensive end position and drafting Quinton Coples out of North Carolina. A real interesting scenario could occur involving the Jaguars though. Since the announcement that the Rams will trade their number 2 overall pick, who drafts Justin Blackmon? Could the Jaguars trade up as well and draft the number one wide receiver in this draft? It’s possible. The only thing we can do is kick back, relax and enjoy the show.

Top Free Agents – 1) Matt Roth – DE 2) Rasheen Mathis – CB  3) Josh Scobee – K

Written By – David Rantisi- NFL Draft and Scouting Combine Writer

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3 thoughts on “Jacksonville Jaguars: Addressing the 2012 Off-Season

  1. Like your post…I think the Jags go WR in round #1. Also, I think they’ll make a play for Peyton Manning this year. I have my own blog too and wrote about it, but I think they may be a darkhorse. If you’re interested, my blog is insideoutsports.wordpress.com.

    • I’m not sure how likely it will be that the Jags will be able to get their hands on Justin Blackmon. Now that the Rams are trading down, we know the Blackmon will be there at the 3rd pick. Do the Jags trade up with the Vikings to grab him? The Vikings GM has come out and said they would trade the pick. It’s going to be a real interesting first 7 or 8 draft picks in the upcoming draft. And I’m not sure about Peyton Manning in Jacksonville, I see him in Arizona in 2012. He’d have a premier target in Fitzgerald and he’d be playing in a dome, which I think is the most important aspect.

  2. The more I watch the top two receivers I think Michael Floyd is nearly as good as Justin Blackmon. He just didn’t play in a dynamic high powered offense like Blackmon. I do my own mock draft and just posted my first attempt at it the other day. I pegged Floyd to the Jags at #7…just like Julio Jones climbing the draft board last year. Here’s my mock: http://www.neilstein.com/march-3rd-mock-draft.html


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