Rams Will Trade #2 Pick, Who Drafts Robert Griffin III?

Now that it is 100% official that the St. Louis Rams will trade their number two overall pick, who ends up drafting Baylor Quarterback Robert Griffin III?

After Robert Griffin III’s impressive showing at the NFL combine on Sunday, many eyebrows got raised as RG3’s draft stock rose. He ran the fastest 40 yard dash at the quarterback position (4.41/40) and had the highest vertical jump at 39 inches. The other reason why scouts see so much potential radiating from RG3 is how he played college ball. If he had to run out of the pocket, he’d get the yards on the ground but more importantly he knows how to throw within the pocket. His statistics from his last season beat out Andrew Luck’s season, who is almost a lock to be the Colt’s quarterback next season. With all that being said, I have three teams who can trade up within the top ten and draft Robert Griffin III. Make no mistake, the team that trades up with St. Louis will pay with a heavy load of draft picks, and possibly even future picks as well.

Cleveland Browns – Drafting 4th Overall – The Cleveland Browns could very well trade up two spots and grab Robert Griffin III. But its easier said than done. It would cost them their 4th overall pick, their 22nd overall pick (Pick acquired from Atlanta from Julio Jones Trade in 2011 Draft), and another 2nd round pick, or a 3rd and a 5th. And that’s to trade up two spots to acquire him! It sounds like a lot for one player, but Cleveland has not had a good quarterback since Bernie Kosar. RG3 could very well bring that excitement back to Cleveland, a city that only had Lebron James to cheer about before he decided to leave. The city doesn’t have much to root for at the moment and RG3 would most certainly increase ticket sales, jersey sales, and excitement back to city of Cleveland. Now some of you might be asking, what about Colt McCoy? Well, to be fair, Robert Griffin III and Colt McCoy would compete for the starting job but trading up to draft a quarterback that high in the draft and giving up so many picks to acquire him would result in immediate anticipation of seeing him start in Cleveland. I believe it would be the same scenario we saw happen in Denver with Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow.

Washington Redskins – Drafting 6th Overall – The Washington Redskins have more than 40 million dollars that they can spend in this off-season. Although some fans in Washington are mentioning Peyton Manning’s name, Robert Griffin III could find himself in Washington if the Redskins decide to trade up for him. The quarterback situation in Washington is nonexistent. Rex Grossman is a free agent, and John Beck is not good to say the least. They would not have quarterback controversy like the Browns would if they decided to draft RG3 but the Browns have a leg up on the competition with having two first round picks in the draft. A very plausible trade for the Redskins would be to swap their 6th pick with the 2nd pick, trade their 2nd, 3rd, and their future 2013 first round pick. Accepting that trade by the Rams might be generous too. It’s going to cost a lot to trade up and draft Robert Griffin III, but the Redskins MUST make a move at quarterback in this off-season and I believe trading up for RG3 is a high possibility.

Miami Dolphins – Drafting 8th Overall – The Miami Dolphins are sitting at an interesting spot in this off-season. For one, many Dolphins fans want to see Peyton Manning come down to Miami. But I see it happening differently. After the hiring of Joe Philbin, the ex-offensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers, it makes sense to go after Green Bay’s back up quarterback Matt Flynn. The chemistry would be there and it does not hurt that Philbin has mentioned running the West Coast Offense. It would make total sense for Miami to pursue Flynn and sign him as their next possible franchise quarterback. But, worst comes to worst, draft day comes, and Miami is without a quarterback. It is totally possible the Dolphins could trade up with the Rams and draft RG3. The problem is, how much is it going to cost? This is just a thought, and by no means is this going to happen, but is it possible that the Dolphins trade most if not all of their draft picks this year to the Rams for RG3? It could look like the same scenario that Mike Ditka and Saints did to trade their whole draft class for Ricky Williams. In my opinion, it wouldn’t be worth trading up and getting rid of your entire draft class when you could sign Matt Flynn in free agency. But it is possible.

Written By – David Rantisi- NFL Draft and Scouting Combine Writer

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