NFL Interview- Leonard Weaver

Leonard Weaver attended Satellite High School where he competed in many different sports. He played college football at Carson-Newman and earned Division II All-American honors from the AP American Football Coaches Association. Leonard has played for the Seahawks and Eagles in the NFL and made it to the Pro Bowl in 2009. Please enjoy the interview with Leonard and leave a comment below.

Tom Mullins- You played many sports in high school, which did you enjoy playing the most and why?

Leonard Weaver- I did play sports in high school, and the sport that I enjoyed the most playing was basketball.

Tom Mullins- Tell us about your time at Carson-Newman College.

Leonard Weaver- I had a great time at Carson-Newman. I enjoyed meeting and developing relationship with others outside of football, however what I enjoyed the most was the fact that I could grow as a person and strong in my faith.

Tom Mullins- How disappointed were you when you went undrafted in the 2005 NFL Draft?

Leonard Weaver- I wasn’t disappointed at all. Why? Because I knew the view that the NFL had on small school players. The view is that we can’t compete or handle the pressure of performing in front of the huge crowds. But my goal was to change. All I needed was a chance and opportunity.

Tom Mullins- Describe your feelings after being signed by the Seattle Seahawks.

Leonard Weaver- It was amazing, awesome and unbelievable.

Tom Mullins- What was the transition like from tight end to fullback?

Leonard Weaver- It was tough at first, but I was able to make the change. I realized that I could use my talents at tight end and bring them to the Fullback position.

Tom Mullins- What was your time like playing for the Seahawks?

Leonard Weaver- It was good. I really enjoyed it, and had a lot of fun. It was great learning from Stump Mitchell, Mack Strong and Shaun Alexander.

Tom Mullins- After being signed by the Eagles, you were selected for the 2010 Pro Bowl as a starting fullback, how much did that mean to you?

Leonard Weaver- It meant the world, to think how hard I worked to achieve that goal, and gain respect of coaches and my peers was huge for me.

Tom Mullins- You suffered a major injury at the beginning of the 2010 season, obviously its tough physically to recover, but was it also tough mentally?

­ Leonard Weaver-It was very tough mentally. The worst thing I have ever experienced.

Tom Mullins- What advice would you give to aspiring young athletes?

Leonard Weaver- I would tell him or her to pick a goal and make up in the mind on reaching their goal. I would also tell him or her to use this formula for success: Hard work + Dedication+ Sacrifice equals SUCCESS.

Tom Mullins- What can we expect from you in 2012?

Leonard Weaver- Right now I’m not sure because I working hard to comeback.

Tom Mullins- Thanks for giving up your time to answer a few questions and good luck for the future.

Leonard Weaver- Thank you Tom, be blessed and take care brother.



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