NFL Interview- Chris Kluwe

Chris Kluwe attended Los Alamitos High School and then went to UCLA where he broke a number of records. He went undrafted, but is now a part of the Minnesota Vikings and playing some great football. Please enjoy the interview with Chris and leave a comment below.

Tom Mullins- What age did you start playing football and how did you get into the sport?

Chris Kluwe- I started playing my freshman year of high school because I needed a fall sport. I figured that I could kick a soccer ball pretty well, so I might as well try out for the football team.

Tom Mullins- Tell us about your football experience at Los Alamitos High School.

Chris Kluwe- It was a lot of fun. Coach Barnes was a great coach and did a great job making sure we were prepared for games and also doing well in school.

Tom Mullins- You broke a number of records while playing for UCLA, what was your college football career like?

Chris Kluwe- College was a good time, even though I didn’t get to play as much as I wanted to. I enjoyed playing at UCLA a lot.

Tom Mullins- Tell us about the start of your NFL career when you went undrafted and were a member of the Seahawks for a short time.

Chris Kluwe- Well it sucked not to get drafted, but it was also really cool that the Seahawks picked me up right away and gave me a chance to compete in fall camp. Entering that first camp was exciting, but also pretty nerve-racking, because you know it’s your job on the line and nothing’s guaranteed.

Tom Mullins- You’ve played in NFL playoff games, what’s the feeling like when you’re out on the field?

Chris Kluwe- It’s a lot like every other game, just louder. You have to tune out all the outside distractions and just focus on doing your job.

Tom Mullins- Who’s the funniest guy in the locker room?

Chris Kluwe- I’d like to think it’s me, but it’s probably a tie between me and Jared Allen.

Tom Mullins- What did you think of Christian Ponder’s rookie season?

Chris Kluwe- I think he did well. He made some rookie mistakes, but that’s to be expected with a brand new quarterback entering the league. I’m hoping for good things from him in the future.

Tom Mullins- What advice would you give to young punters?

Chris Kluwe- Play soccer. It’ll teach you proper kicking fundamentals and it’s a great workout.

Tom Mullins- What can we expect from you and the Minnesota Vikings next season?

Chris Kluwe- Ideally a winning season atop the NFC North and then a Super Bowl victory. That’s what you play for every year no matter what team you’re on. We’ll see what actually happens, since only one team gets to realize their dreams at the end of the year 🙂

Tom Mullins- Thanks for giving up your time to answer a few questions and good luck for next season.

Chris Kluwe- Thank you very much for the interest!



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